Full Version: greetings from a Tennessee newbie
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Hello, combat engineer fans. I'm from Tennessee, and I'm a long-time WWII buff. I found out about this board on, where several of you are already members. I became interested in combat engineers after reading "The Damned Engineers" several years ago. My wife and I spent two weeks in Europe in 2004, and toured some of the Bulge and Market Garden battle areas.


Stewart Crane

Stewart ,


Welcome to our site . Enjoy your stay . Hope to hear more from you !


The Mod team .


Welcome from a fellow Tennessean.



Anyone who loves combat engineers is a friend of mine. :lol::pdt34: I'll tell you, everytime I read about what these guys did, it just blows my mind. As I've stated previously, not only did they make way for the troops and tanks, but many times did so under fire and the hardest of conditions. I so admire these men.


I just received over 750 pages from the National Archives on my dad's unit the 540th, and was astounded by the daily journals that I read. I said to my husband, "Man, did these guys EVER sleep?" :wacko::pdt34:


Welcome and thank so much for joining. I look forward to our future conversations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! M

Hello Stewart.


Welcome to this site. I am also a newbie here but I have received a lot of information on I had the pleasure to meet Reg (Lennon) in September together with Don Burgett. They are both fantastic guys. Take a look around and stay in touch with us. I will do the same.