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I got it folks. The long awaited photo of Chuck in uniform. 'Bout time!


Okay Chuck now that I have you in a corner, Brooke and I are insisting that you tell us what you did during the war. If you do not share, then we will scream and nag. You think one gal is bad, wait till you hear two!!!!


Ok, I've got the left arm, you take the right.


She's right Chuck dear, I have the temper not only of a Scorpio but am an only child too!!





PS, I'm going to have this photo printed to hang on my wall. Could you tell me what unit you were in so I can write it on the photo?

Good grief Charlie Brown, two only childs...

Marion, could you email me that photo? The larger the photo the better quality it prints.


Thanks :)

You got it sis!


Thanks you two; But what I did for my two years in service was to waste a lot of Uncle Sams money. And the only medal I was awarded was the "Lame Duck", and that went to about 10 million other guys. Better to save room for those who did it.


Hugs to both of you anyway




My grandad didn't get a lot of medals either, but he can still scrape up a story or two.


Brooke ;)


Mare, you had a chance to email me that photo??

Nope, guilty as charged but will do. ;)




My grandad didn't get a lot of medals either, but he can still scrape up a story or two.


Brooke ;)


Mare, you had a chance to email me that photo??

You two win. I'm sorry. After all; it is why we have a forum. to put in our two cents worth, whether it's battle stories or trivia. I'll post an internet interview I gave a while back for "Freedom Is Not Free". No John Wayne stuff here.


Chuck Gray




Birth date Feb. 27, 1926


Age they entered the service






Branch of the service

Army Air Corps







Name of their unit

A hard one to answer, I'll try to explain.


When basic training was over, the great need for pilots had diminished, so they packed us off to be trained in airborne radio, and radar. The day we completed our training, the war in Europe ended, so now there was no more use for air crews, so we were loaned out to the Signal Corps for shipboard radar training. Upon completing that course, we were again loaned out to the Transportation Corps .and sent out as three man crews to operate the radar on Merchant ships taking replacements to Europe and returning G.I's for discharge. On one trip we also brought back quite a large group of English war brides.




When they served

Served from July 7, 44 to July 7, 46


Where did you serve?

Made four trips; Marsailles,France---LeHarve,France---


Bremerhaven,Germany--- Southhampton,England.




Did you enlist or were you drafted?



How did you feel about going to war?



Did you have any family members that went to war? If so, did they survive?

Four of us brothers; Army Medical Corps--- Marine Corps---


Navy Air Corps--- Army Air Corps.








Were you ever wounded? How and where?

No, My Marine brother was wounded on Tarawa.


Did you receive any medals? Which ones?

Nothing to write home about. Just the usual stocking stuffers.


Do you have a war story you would like to tell?



What was your reaction when you found out the war was over?

After 60 years, it's hard to remember what I felt


What was the most frightening event of the war for you?

Far and removed from any danger


What was the most cherished memory of the war for you?

The one thing that to this day stands out in my mind is when the three of us took the train into London. We couldn't believe the damage before our eyes. Everywhere you looked, there was rubble from the terrific pounding they took from the bombers and V2 rockets. How those "Brits" could take all that beating and still smile is beyond me. I often wonder how we Americans would react under those conditions. They have my admiration to this day.




Do you have regrets about your service in World War II?

One regret I have is that I didn't keep a diary of all the places and things I saw.




How do you feel about America today?

I wish we weren't the keepers of the World, but no-one else seems to want to step up-----except the Brits. God bless em.




How do you feel about the war with Iraq?

Sure wish we weren't there; but we are, and so there we will have to stay. Doesn't seem to be any honorable way to leave.




Is there anything else you would like to add?

I truly believe my generation has seen the worst & best of times.

Bravo and THANK YOU! I really appreciate your time and gee after over a year, I finally know about you. Now was that so painful? :rolleyes:


You had some remarkable travels. I would love to hear more about your memories of wartime England. I can't imagine the damage! :unsure:


Looking forward to your memories and thanks again Chuck. You made my day! :D

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