Full Version: Son of Normandy vet
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Greetings all. I am Mike Rhoades, son of Floyd Rhoades, a veteran of WWII serving in the 36th Engineers at Anzio, Normandy and North Africa. I am a Vietnam Infantry vet of the 25th Division at Pleiku, Vietnam. I have recently been trying to get Dad's history from him, and compile a record of his service. Thanks for sharing!

A hearty welcome Mike. Always happy to see another son or daughter of a VI Corps Engineer.


Are you in contact with any other member's families? Let me know. I'll be happy to hook you up with everyone else.


Hoping to see your dad's story here on our site someday soon.


Oh, I do have to tell you that the 36th CE weren't at Normandy however. They were in France but took the southern invasion route, heading north, then took part in the Alsace/Ardennes Campaign (Battle of the Bulge) then made their way across the Rhine into the German heartland.