Full Version: Unknown photo from family collection
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Unknown friend of our family or family member?


Marion: This picture has me puzzled. This soldier shows the rank of a T/5

grade, but also shows two WW 1 overseas stripes (6 months each). But no ribbons

or medals from it. I am a little up on WW 1 decorations and badges as my dad served in both ww 1 and ww 2. Along with his 1st. Sgt. stripes he also wore 3 "Hershey bars"

from ww2 plus two WW1 overseas stripes , and his wound stripes on is right sleeve from ww 1 (same stripes as overseas stripes but on right sleeve). Along with his ribbons from both wars..



Don't know what to tell you about the photo since we don't even know who he is, let alone what unit he served with, how long he served, etc. So you guess is as good as mine.