Full Version: Operation Avalanche
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More info on Operation Avalanche (for those of you who don't know - the Invasion of Salerno, Italy July 1943).


Troops given to the 5th Army for Avalanche were as follows:


VI Corps American -

  • 34th Inf Div
  • 36th Inf Div
  • 45th Inf Div
  • 1st Armored
  • 82nd Airborne Div
X Corps British -
  • 46th Inf Div
  • 56 Inf Div
  • 7th Armored Div
  • 1st Airborne Div
Fifth Army Engineer troops -
  • 531st Engineer Shore Regiment = VI Corps
  • 540th Engineer Combat Regiment (-F Co) = VI Corps
  • 540th F Co = 82nd Airborne
  • 10th Engineer Combat Bn = 3rd Inf Div
  • 16th Armored Engineer Bn(-Co B & Detachment Co E) = 1st Armored Div
  • 16th Armored Co B & Detachment Co E = VI Corps
  • 109th Engineer Combat Bn = 34th Inf Div
  • 111th Engineer Combat Bn = 36th Inf Div
  • 120th Engineer Combat Bn = 45th Inf Div
  • 307th Airborne Engineer Bn = 82nd Airborne Div
  • 46th (br) Inf Div Royal Engineers = 46th Inf Div
  • 56th (Br) Inf Div Royal Engineers = 56th Inf Div
  • 7th (Br) Armored Div Royal Engineers = 7th Armored Div
  • X Corps (Br) Troops Royal Engineers = X Corps
  • 36th Engineer Combat Reg (-Co H) = VI Corps
  • 36th Engineers Co H = 82nd Airborne Div
  • 39th Engineer Combat Reg (-2nd Bn) = VI Corps
  • 337th Engineer General Service Reg = 5th Army
  • 343rd Engineer Gen Service Reg = 5th Army
  • Company A 405th Engineer Water Supply Bn (1st Detachment) = 5th Army
  • 405th Engineer Water Supply Bn (Detachment Co A) = VI Corps
  • Company C 405th Engineer Water Supply Bn = 5th Army
  • 427th Engineer Dump Truck Co = 5th Army
  • 1202nd Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon = 5th Army
  • 1st Platoon 451st Engineer Depot Co = 5th Army
  • Detachment (Recon) 696th Petroleum Distributing Co = 5th Army
  • 2616th Engineering Utilities Platoon = 5th Army
  • 661st Engineer Topographic Co = VI Corps
  • 2699th Engineer Map Detachment = 531st Engineer Shore Reg


Thank you for the great "steer" Marion - lots of Sicily and HUSKY (not Avalanche that was Salerno) info. You must still be catching your beauty sleep!!!!







Man where in the world was I yesterday? I don't even know how I missed that Colin. My apologies. As you said, must still be catching up on my beauty sleep. :wacko: I have moved this post and changed the title. Geez!