Full Version: 9-2005 Michigan 101st Meeting
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Info from Papa. The September 101st Meeting.





It all went fine. I took Chuck and got there about10;50, I wanted to get early to give George some info on Ray Gonzales. I had called Ray on the phone a week ago and left message. He called me last night and he had just returned from Camp Campbell or some other army camp. We talked about some of our Friden friends and I keep after him until he said " I will be there" so I called George to tell him. Then I thought George likes to have something to say about a guest. I went to "my documents" and printed out my story about Ray. It was a full page story. I printed out picture of Ray with General Westmorland and Major General John R. Cleland. All three of themhad thier chest full of medals. Also I gave George a paper with Ray name, and little info. When George introduced Ray ,he read the whole story I had given him Evan about Ray worked for Friden and I knew Ray for 30 years, when I was system manager at Friden Calculator Co.. It was a good story that I have put on Net many times. Every one was clapping and all talked to Ray afterwards.. I got Jack to send you 18 pictures I had taken.. You know most of them except #1 picture was George & family of three. George is talking with older brother, sitting at the table is younger brother and their father. The younger boy has list he works on of every medal of honor winner there has ever been. The older boy gave a short speech how he follow 101st airborne. . The cook from Swedish Club was there and George told about problem WAIT!! not the cook it was the manager WHEE almost screwed up. You friend was there, the one who wants to stay week end at your place!!!. The food was good salad, bread sticks,chicken,noodles and cake.I gave George ,Chuck name , address so he will get a card each month.We got Ray and younger boy together to talk.

See you when you get back. I will send picture Of Ray & Generals on another e-mail.