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Just found this area and may I say good stuff. Grandfather served from North Africa through the Rhineland.


Glad to be here.

Welcome Recon. I am sure you will find this a home away from home.... :rolleyes:


Wow, that is quite a record. Do you know what unit???



Welcome from little ol' me Recon. Stevin and I would love to hear more about your grandfather's war trails. As you may have read through this site, my dad's unit started off in North Africa too and was in for the long haul into the Rhineland.


Thanks for joining. :pdt34:

Welcome Recon. Give us more info on his outfit and himself.

I dont have his seperation papers here, my dad has them. His unit patch is shield shaped white and red with a seahorse in the upper right hand corner.


His name was Richard C Shakerely (T-5) home of record was Ridgefield park NJ.Enlisted in 43 after his brother was killed in the North Atlantic aboard the USS Borrie. He did some training in Conneticut (I think) I have some letters post marked from there. There was a picture of him at the West Point Museum getting off of a boat at Anzio. Some of the pictures we have show desert (North Africa?) He also talked about finding ME 262's in the a cave somewhere.


He also liberated a concetration camp in the Heidleberg Stutgart area? I will get more when I find his seperation papers etc.


Sorry my info is sketchy.


A little bout myself, just got done with a tour in Iraq with 2nd Battalion 108th Inf serving as a medic with Battalion scouts.



Hi. I am at the reunion and found out that this hotel has a very strong wireless connection so I am writing on Day 1 of my vacation. Anyway...


Please look at the history page on the main site. I have all the emblems from each unit, the 36th, 39th and 540th. The 36th and the 540th both use the seahorse emblem and they were both in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Ardennes/Alsace and Germany. From what you are describing I would have to say that he was with the 36th.


I happen to be at their reunion in Lebanon, PA this weekend. Wow, what a coincidence. I will show them your post tomorrow morning. They have a complete roster of all the men who served with them. :pdt:


I will check in tomorrow and let you know.

Thanks So very much you are a -o-

A little bout myself, just got done with a tour in Iraq with 2nd Battalion 108th Inf serving as a medic with Battalion scouts.


We're glad you made it through your tour of duty and made it back safely. Welcome home. What can you tell us about your experiences in Iraq? How do your impressions and opinions compare to what THEY tell us on the news? We hear very little in the way of positive reports and the first hand reports from other Iraq veterans so far, just doesn't jive with the media reports. So if you would, could your share some some of your thoughts?


Back to the 36th... One of the members is trying to locate a complete roster. I will let you know when I get it. :)

What would you like to know?

Well I guess for starts I'd like to hear about any of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS in Iraq. As I stated, it seems that the only thing we hear are all the problems that occur. There seems to be very little GOOD news or positive news. So in short, just your honest opinion of how things were/are and what you encountered. What were the residents like and how were you treated by the civilian population? What progress did you see regarding the re-building of the country, etc.


Thanks :pdt20:

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