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Just got this beautiful email from Russ this morning. Please say a prayer for him because we want him around and healthy for MANY more years to come. When I read things like this, it is so nice to see how much I mean to people. (here go the tears again...) :wub:



Just a quick note on a very busy day! I wanted to tell you that tomorrow, Thursday 22 Sept 05, I am having my right hip replaced. Its a matter of now or never and now is the time. Say a little prayer for my surgeon, my wife and for me. I am optimistic and confident that God will give me an improved mobility and a few more opportunities to enjoy life and enhance the quality of life of those around me. I wanted also to tell you that sharing your website, reading your tributes, recalling those WWII years and knowing you even if only by e mail, has been one of the positive influences of my senior years. Thanks Marion for your attitude and friendship.

God bless and keep you and yours. Russ Weiskircher


Oh here is his web page:

:drinkin: Best of Luck Russ...WE will be looking forward to your rercovery..AL Kincer 48th Engineers

Another letter from Russ. This is in reply to one I sent earlier today wishing him the best. :wub:



Thank you


I need all the prayers and good wishes possible.

I am confident and collected and ready. Our friends are rallying to help. Meantime I put your website on my business card so that I could get people to see what a job you have done for the WWII Vets. It has caused quite a reaction. In fact I sign off all of my mail with your reminder on my card. I figured if you can go to all of that trouble to honor your father and our generation, we can at least publicize. I lecture in five colleges and your site is a reference work in all of my classes. Where else can they find such a plethora of eye witness information and experienced comments?


Tomorrow is the day...and I will be back on line in a week or so. Cheers, Russ

Good luck, Mr. W.!


Hope to see you here again soon.



Good news everyone. Just got this letter from Russ tonight. Man am I relieved! :):heartpump:




Just a very quick note. Arrived home this afternoon. Sore,swollen, tired, grumpy but definitely on the mend. Thanks for your support...

More later, Russ