Full Version: Remember Roger Gendron?
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I'm just starting to do some research on my late father, Roger Gendron from Manchester, N.H., who served with the combat engineers. I know that he participated in landings in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.


I'm searching in lots of places, and I'll include more information as I get it, but I was wondering if anyone on this board might remember serving with him.


His brother, Aimee Gendron, was killed in the invasion at Anzio.


I'd appreciate ANY information you could supply.



Ann Gendron Linehan

Welcome Ann. B) I too hope that someone somewhere will see the names and maybe ring a bell. You never know.


We look forward to hearing more info. I sure hope we can be of assistance to you. Let me know if I can help you in anyway. Don't hesitate to ask questions. I've become quite an WWII engineer sleuth and we also have quite a number of helpful folks who are members of our forum.


Smiles :D


Welcome Ann,


I am researching Combat Engineers in Sicily and hope you are successful in your quest. I would ask that any info you come up with you share with us.

For an idea of what your father went through in Sicily, Carlo d'Estes book Bitter Victory cannot be bettered.