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Just wanted to check in and say hello. My name is Jason and I am one single-minded World War II History researcher. I mainly focus on researching the 60th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Go-Devils. My grandfather was in this unit as they set out from North Carolina in 1942 for North Africa. After Operation Torch finished up they went on to invade Sicily, then France during the D-Day invasion and finished up on the German Eastern border, linking up with the Russian Army. The unit has quite a story. If you are interested in learning more, please stop by my website

60th Infantry Regiment


I would love to hear from you all. This looks like a great forum and I hope I can add to it as much as possible. Just FYI, I am in the USAF, serving as a Captain and stationed currently in Germany. I have found out about so many small stories from WWII here it is just unbelievable. Why just a few blocks away from my home sits a pill box that was once part of the Maginot Line. I feel pretty lucky to be in such a history rich place right now. If anyone needs anything, feel free to ask.




jason97m: Welcome aboard the forum. My congrads to your granddad and you. If you get a chance check out how the town (possibly city now) of Fulda Germany is. After wars end I spent a few months there waiting to go back home. We (part of the 7th Inf Reg) were there in the winter of '45-46. Bet it has grown some. Used to be some great deer hunting near there. (Raebuck). I wonder just how much it changed. We were at the Bleidorn Kaserne in Fulda. (there were several Bleidorn Kasernes in Germany in different towns/cities)

Welcome aboard! :D Nice to have another proud relative of a WWII vet. I loved the ideas you sent to me today in your email. I think we will get along just great. Enjoy your stay and I wish you continued success in your research. Your grandfather is very proud of you. :pdt34:

Hi Jason,


Welcome! I checked your site and it is definately one I will check much more often. I will most likely get in contact with you regarding the 60th Inf men buried at Margraten in the future.





Welcome, Jason.

Glad to have you here.