Full Version: Merkwiller December 1944
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Hello everyone.

I am trying to trace surviving US troos that passed thru Merkwiller during December 1944. I have since 1997, been researching the 8th Air Force bombing mssion of this important oil target, it was bombed August 3rd 1944.


Having this part Of the story almost complete, I am interested in hearing from anyne that recalls this Village and the refinery. Curious to learn what the place looked like, wha if any German defences were encountered? How were the residents upon your arrival etc.


As part f my researching so far I have visited Merkwiller and walked over what remains of the refinery. It was rebuilt in 1945-49 to almost same design as it was before it was bombed in '44. I also have a few pictures of US troops oming through, Beleived to be 103d Infantry? Additionally I have other photos taken by French residents immediately after bombing and the post war rebuild.


I'm missing any personal comments from US Troops that passed thru this place, and so if any one can help then I'd be very grateful!!!


What little I have I'm happy to share.


Regards Ian White

305th BGMA England

A big welcome to you Ian. We'll be more than happy to help you out. If I personally run across anything in my books, etc., I'll be delighted to pass it on to you.


As one who is heavily into research, I have a real appreciation for your continuing quest.


Continued success and we're glad to have you on board! :)

Thanks for the welcome!!

Would say the research bug cn sometimes be a heavy cross to carry..!! But when success final comes, after a long wait, it can be so rewarding.


I'm dig out a couple of phot's I have regards Merkwiller, which may be of interest to those of this site. They may jog a memory or two in the process.


Ian W

Ian, just got back from my vacation, so will hopefully have sometime this month to give you some info about Merkwiller.


When I get my copies from the National Archives in late September, I will hopefully have even more to share with you. :pdt34: