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To anyone who could help me!!!!!!!!!!! I am interested in hearing from anyone who served with the 39th F co. My grandfather was in that unit and I would like to know anything I could about the unit or if anyone knew him?? His name is Joseph E. Semmes and he is from Meridian,Mississippi. Thank you and I hope I will learn something new and exciting.

39th F co

Hi jec,

We might need more info. You didn't say what kind of unit this is. Since this website is about Engineers, I thought you meant the 39th Engineering Battalion. BUT some small battalions only had 3 companies. So maybe you meant 39th Infantry Regiment.


Also, what time frame?? Again, I assume you mean WW2. If not, then his unit could be 39th Infantry Brigade or 39th Armored Cavalry.


Please provide more info. Dates. WHere did he serve; France, Germany, Phillippines?



Well, you are in for some good news because I know several members of the 39th Combat Engineering Regiment. I will be happy to put you in touch with the families. I have names, addresses and email addresses.


In fact I just received an oral interview that David Wagner sent me three days ago. It's a two CD set and I can't wait to get sometime later this week to give it a listen. David also has a page on our site and do several other members of the 39th.



Here is a story regarding John Wack. Sorry to say that he recently passed away in December. I was only able to speak to him on the phone just once about 10 months ago. :(


Memories of Paul Knudsen


Memories of David Wagner


Memories of Lester O'Neal


I will send you an email later today with more information. Welcome aboard and I hope I can help you out. Please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime. :pdt34:

I am replying to let everone know he fought with the 39th Combat Engineers in North Africa,Sicily,and Anzio. I would like to know where else they may have been and if anyone knew him personally I would love to hear any stories they might have about him. He is still alive and currently living here in Houston Texas. I am his oldest grandson and like most vets he does not talk much about the war or what he did. Thank you for any and every thing you can find out for me!!