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Hello everybody @

Many thanks to Marion for letting me in Smile 

I am passionate in history and especially ww2 since i was a teenager. And of course D-Day and Normandy campaign.
I live near Caen, Normandy, France, close to hill-112 SW of Caen in a house which has been occupied by germans officers, a barn have been burnt here, i often find Mauser cartridges in my garden, and 2 weeks ago, i found a german bike rear licence plate while walking in the countryside with my dog.
War memory is everywhere... difficult to forget what took place here around, however remembrance is mandatory.

As my nickname may hint, I am currently researching information about the 147th engineers Bat. which took part of the D-Day, as member of the 6th ESB, 1th Army.
The 147th walked the sand in the first wave in front of Vierville and suffered heavy casualties. It then secured roads and took part in airport A-1 building along with USAAF engineers at Englesqueville-la-Percée between Omaha and La pointe du Hoc ( They stayed in the castle of Englesqueville where there still stands a memorial (i will post the pictures soon).

I would appreciated any help finding information of the 147th.
Hello Alain,
I live in near Fort Worth, Texas and have always wanted to visit the area where you live. I've always been interested in WWII and all of the history you mention being near your house is why I'd love to visit. Since I can't do that at the moment, I'd love to hear anything about the history you find and to see any pictures.

As for pictures, I can share a bunch of mine. I was in the US Marine Corps from 1995 - 2019 and took many pictures. Also build a lot of models, most of which are WWII era vehicles. I have all of that and more at my Flickr page. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions.
Hello M.O'Brien
Sorry for my late reply (i had a health issue and i just recovered, fortunately it has nothing to do with that Covid).
Your flickr album is outstanding. Whoooooooo! I'll review it in details soon. I also build ww2 models and i'm happy to own a WC51 dodge. Besides, i'm collecting militaria items and i can say i have a large collection now (either US and UK, original german are more difficult to find and prices are... extravagant!!!!
Indeed, i'm very lucky to live here in Normandy.
On new year day, my wife and I (and our dog) went for a walk at Omaha (from Le Ruquet to WN62). It was a wonderful peaceful afternoon, far from the gates of hell it was on dday.
I plan to build and run a website dedicated to Normandy battle and its various aspects (combats of course, but also logistics, medical, places, people...), just to share stories and pictures.
Hope you'll be able to travel to Normandy one day. Let me know, i would be happy to take you around and learn from each other.
Best regards,