Full Version: Lionel M from France
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Hello everyone

First I would like to thank Marion for creating one account for me !

I am a french passionate of history and especially about the liberation of my department. Most of my researchs are on the 4th armored division who had to fight a hard battle to liberate the town of TROYES. I try to find all the soldiers who died during this battle and i hope the town will recognize them by their deeds and build a monument dedicated to their memories.

The 133th Engineer Combat Battalion played a role in protecting south flank of 4th armored and they lost many men prisonners in a german ambush.

I hope to learn more about the 133TH on this forum.
I already met a veteran's son with the forum. Thank to Eric Aho i had some very interesting elements about the events of the end of August 44.


Lionel M