Full Version: Some engineer unit rosters now available.
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Good afternoon everyone,
 I wanted to share some of the work I have been doing at the Camp Butner Society and Museum lately. I have been slowly converting all found unit rosters over from their original format to searchable excel spreadsheets and have a few engineer units completed so far. Our website for viewing is at:

If you look under the "non-divisional unit rosters" tab at the top, you will find complete rosters for the 31st 283rd, and 292nd Engineer Combat Battalions. I have the segregated 389th Engineer GS Regt completed, but haven't posted it yet. 

I would love to have all the units that came through Camp Butner and I'm sorry. There is no "magical" roster of soldiers out there. These are all transcribed from known unit history books published after the war so if a unit did not have a printed roster (that I currently have access to) I will not be able to add them. This is all done in my spare time since I already work a 40+ hour/wk job. 

Not engineer related, but I am currently working on the entire 4th Infantry Division. We are talking about 25-35000 soldiers. I am 2700 names into one of the regiments and already have some of the smaller units completed.

Camp Butner Society
Thanks for post this. Looking forward to seeing more rosters.
ME too! That's will be a tremendous bonus.