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julius spradling

I found on the Internet the 213th CA (AA) Regiment landed in Casablanca in early November 1942. My Dad also landed there on Nov. 18,1942, after leaving the United States by ship on Nov. 2, 1942. He said on his "Reserve Officer's Qualification and Availability Questionnaire Form", he completed in 1951, that he was in the 73rd CA (AA) from July 1942 to December 1944 (after which he was assigned to the 2756 Combat Engineer Battalion till July 1945 when he came home by ship). Did both the 213th and 73rd Regiments belong to the same Battalion? Thanks, Julius Spradling

Hi:  Below is some information on the unit for you.

Sgt Albert Knauss

You can check here to see if the Eisenhower Archives has info on this unit

Historical Sketches Coast Artillery Regiments 1917-1950

Coast Artillery Journal

The United States Coast Artillery Command on Aruba and Curaçao in World War II



Did both the 213th and 73rd Regiments belong to the same Battalion? 

I am looking into more info, but if there is any connection, it would be divisional, not battalion. Back in a bit...

Trying to find anything related to the 73rd... From what I can see, the two are NOT related...

I found this on the 73rd Armored Field Artillery of the 9th Division. 

A father's battle experience unearthed

Pictorial review Seventy-third Field Artillery Brigade, 1941

Excerpt from a book on Google