Full Version: Farewell Archie Buffington & Ray Repasky - 97th Inf Div
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Hello.  I am not sure if you have information on Archie Buffington who was in the 97th.  Ray Repasky is my father in law and he heard from Archie's niece yesterday that he had passed away recently.  I don't have any details but thought you might be interested.  His picture is prevalent among the Ray Repasky pictures on the website.  

Best regards,
Kevin Tucker



Marion' note:  Unfortunately just a week later, I received this email...




I am sorry to tell you that Ray passed away last night, February 13.  He was 93 years old.  He had heard that his friend from the 97th had passed away last week and I think it really bothered him.  He went into the hospital on Sunday and grew progressively worse.  

We know Ray really appreciated all of your work on the website and with the pictures.  Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts over the years.

GOD Bless you.

Kevin Tucker (Ray's son-in law)


To read more about Ray - 922nd Field Artillery Bn - 97th Inf Div, please visit this link 

Farewell my friend. It was a real honor getting to know you. 

Rest in peace, gentlemen.