Full Version: Greatest Generation: WWII Veterans Set Sail To Share Stories With The World
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Hi. My name is Larry Edelstein. My Dad was an engineer who was part of the Normandy invasion ... I believe at Utah Beach. He passed away in May of 2012 and I believe the last time I posted here was in August of 2012 to announced his passing.

I was watching the local news before here in NYC and saw this story. A cruise where WWII Vets were offered free tickets to "keep the memories alive". Goal was to get them to recount stories with each other and also to interact with the other "non-veteran" passengers on the ship. Apparently there is an organization called Greatest Generations Foundation that made this possible.

Very touching. What a great story and a nice gesture:

The news anchor who introduced the story, Dana Tyler, was in tears afterwards. Wondering if she also has a connection to someone who fought for us.