Full Version: Holocaust Fading from Memory
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Holocaust Fading from Memory - New York Times

I know that over the years, historical facts fade into history (Remember the Maine, anyone?) Wake Island was as much a rallying cry in the early days of WWII as Pearl Harbor was and yet I doubt many people have ever heard of it today (or perhaps even Pearl). Sometimes, however, there is a monumental event that shapes history going forward. I would hope that people would agree that WWII and especially the Holocaust would count as one of those epochs (and therefore teach it), but it doesn't seem it is the case. It seems there is a purposeful willingness to forget it. I would bet that the WWII crowd would have had much more knowledge of the Civil War than the young'uns of today have about WWII.

1941-1865=76 years

2019-1945=74 years

I don't want to sound conspiratorial, but I can't help but think that this (seems to mean deliberate) failure to educate the last few generations about history benefits someone. I could suppose a few guesses as to who, but that's not for here!

The fact remains that this is pretty sad.

Why, why, why. . .

Nicely said!