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I am the grandson of a WWII and D-Day Army veteran.  He was in the 210th Military Police Company, a unit which was attached to, and trained with the 5th Engineer Special Brigade (5th ESB) at the start of the war.  The Brigade itself was formed specifically to support the landing of the  U.S. 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions on Omaha beach by way of clearing beach obstacles; marking and clearing mines; establishing roads off the Beach; and supporting the movement of men and material off the landing crafts/ships and into various depots in and around the landing areas.  The core of the 5th ESB was made up of the 37th, 336th and 348th Engineer Combat Battalions with one Platoon each of my grandfather's 210th MP Co assigned to each of these three Engineer Combat Battalions for the D-Day landing.  After landing in France, my grandfather's MP company worked traffic control for the Red Ball Express, and moving with it through France, Belgium, and into Germany.  Hello to all!

Wow, that is very interesting. Thanks for joining and sharing the history with us. Can't wait to hear more about your grandfather and his unit. Do you have any documentation or photos? If so, would you be willing to share with us.



BCF, my father was also in the 210th Military Police Company. I would love to hear more about what you have found about the activities of the 210th. I have some letters that my dad sent to his parents and have been able to find out some about the 210th on D-Day but don't know much about what they did and where they were after that. Can you share any of your information with me or tell me where you found information that I can go and search?


Leslie Krogh Feuerborn

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Greetings Leslie,

You are the first person with a family connection to the 210th that I've been able to connect with.   Very happy that you posted.  I have been collecting information on the Company for a while with the goal of assembling a simple book to follow my grandfather's time in the 210th.   I'll assembly a summary and forward you a collection of documents in a couple of days.

-Brice Freeman

Well it looks like you are on your way Leslie.