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I am Hans Senden from The Netherlands (close to Margraten Cemetery), and I have adopted the grave of Pvt Howard B Hicks from Kentucky. 
He died on November 28th 1944 in Immendorf or Beeck (Geilenkirchen), Germany. As part of the US 279th Engineering Combat Battalion (for the 84th Division of the 9th US Army during Operation Clipper), 
Howard was helping deactiving minefields, when he stepped on a undetected mine. He was killed instantly.

I hope to find more information about his time with the engineering battalion.

Hi Hans:  Welcome to our forum. Let me see what I can find out for you. I'll be back in touch. 


I will begin listing anything I find...

Together We Served  - Oh I just noticed you had already contacted this person, but I am still placing it here, for it's important for everyone seeking info on this unit.  :-)

Robert W Gibson Interview

And here's the obit for Robert Gibson

More in a bit...


"Some Building in Paris..."  - Records for this unit are located in Box 635 in the archives

Listed in Technical Services

Robert P Dunn

Interview with Clyde Harkins - 42 minutes 23.html

Robert W. Pon

Samuel Coffman Liggett

Johnnie E Belcher

You can also get in touch with the Army Corps of Engineer's Office of History


 Fort Leonard Wood - Office of Engineer History
Historian, U.S. Army Engineer School
320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 043
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Wow,  that's already a lot of information. Some links look familiar, but I will check them all. A lot to read ;-) Thank you Marion


You are very welcome. Hope it will help you. :-)


Nice to see you here Hans and good luck on the research.