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James vick

Hello I'm new to the site but if anyone is interested have some great photos of camp Ellis and bridge work across Rhine river and a great friend who actually had Patton pull up and speak with him . He is still here to ask questions and today we talked about the plane that flew over they named bed check Charlie.And I apologize I am not very handy with computers 



1301 co b.jpg

1301 co b second image.jpg

Thanks for sharing. I'll try and rotate the images for you. :-) Love them!


All set. I just downloaded the images, rotated them and re-uploaded. :-)


Of course, would like to hear any of this thoughts, stories. Can you share with us somehow? 

Thanks and glad you enjoyed camp Ellis photos where would be the best place to load other photos and and documents 

Right here!  You can upload just about anything by attachments, just like you did with the two photos above. :-)


I downloaded and rotated the image for you. MJC


As I read through more of this greAt site I realize how fortunate  I am to have spent almost everyday with my friend and worry about questions that someday may not be able to ask him about. Today my son and I discussed with him how he and two buddies went to recruiter and agreed to enlist if they were allowed to graduate high school.

Can any one tell me how to easily get to the Patton speeches on here ,I ran across them but can't seem to find avian thank you

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