Full Version: History of 295th Ordinance H.M. Company
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Hi ya' Marion, 

I dropped you an email the other night about the new 295th audiobook just released. I hope you don't mind me posting a short blurb and link to Amazon where folks can hear a sample of audio and purchase.


The untold WWII story of another band of brothers who also trained at the infamous Camp Toccoa. Marv Allen's voice is a time machine that puts you right alongside these forgotten heroes as they travel from the United States to Europe doing their part in the battle against tyranny. A light and often humorous account by S/SGT Thomas E. Coon finally made known.

Here Audio Sample:

I think this is fantastic. Happy to have it posted here. It's great to see more history being shared with the world. I will make sure to check it out!

Thanks so much! Have a great week!  :D

You too. Have a safe and happy 4th! 

Hello, my name is Craig. I live in the small town of Wem. As i understand it, the 295th H.M served some time at the G-16 stores depot ( 83rd O.S.D ) which is in Wem. I am desperately trying to gain contact with anyone who served there and gather as much information, pictures and most importantly stories from the depot ( the first of its kind to be built in Britain ) as i feel it deserves more recognition then it currently attracts. So Mr Rockett, if you could help in any way, i would be very greatfull, more then you could imagine. Equally if anyone else reading this could help/guide me in the right direction to other potential sources i would be over the moon.


Many thanks


Craig Bolas