Full Version: Faces of War
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Etched in an old soldier's memory,

Are the faces of comrades he knew.

Faces reflecting the terror and suffering,

The exhaustion of endless battles,

And the Courage to see them through.


Those long gone faces

Haunt the old soldiers memory.

And yet they sustain him too,

They're reminders of the price of freedom

To we the remaining few.


Verse by Russ Cloer 3_7_I_Recon

Drawing by Dick Merrill, 7th Div. Korea

Thanks for your help on the picture, Joe (j3rd Inf)


I think you just got me promoted to sergeant!


Russ - 3_7_I_Recon

It's amazing how a simple b&w drawing can say so much. One image scratched out can speak a million words and emit such emotion. This is certainly one of those.


The verse you wrote is beautiful and evokes a lot of feelings. Do you know if Dirk has any other drawings related to the war?

Russ: Glad you got a promotion. Would like to trade my "captains bars' to you and get back my true PFC rating back. Have all your pics here and can send URL's easily.

Sure wish we could get Sherm Pratt on here though.. Take care old buddy.