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Yesterday I recieved a surprising message from my old internet friend Jean Jacobsen: She's visiting Siegburg with her hubby Steve! So we went up the Michaelsberg to the rose garden, to the Nordfriedhof, where her father had to bring passed american POW to, the synagogue monument...
Thanks to Marion
who made this possible!


How cool is that?!


Oh wow, this is fantastic. I have goosebumps!!!!!

Where to begin:

I had the most incredible experience recently when finally I met the brilliant, kind, and generous Christoph! 

For me nothing will ever compare to this encounter – it was out of a dream….  I finally met the real “Christoph.”  Brilliant, kind and generous do not really begin to describe what a wonderful human being he is!

On his own time he has helped solve the mysteries of a critically important and life changing period in my Dad’s life and it is something my Dad wanted solved.

And Marion, what a surprise to find in addition to all of the wonderful ways Christoph could be described – he is also very  handsome!  Marion, wait until you meet him!  I want to adopt him!

It really was out of a dream – we met in the center of the town, and then together with my husband, Steve, we walked up the hill to the Abbey!  We all saw for the first time the new addition to the Abbey.  I understand the folks that now own the Abbey needed more space and they came up with a modern addition.  It is possibly the best design that could have been done.  But for me the majesty and spirit of the Abbey that was over 1000 years old, was changed forever with this new addition.

The 3 of us walked the now rose garden where some prisoners from not only America but Russia and France (and as some POW’s referred to it  – it was like the United Nations) survived in decrepit and small spaces.  But remembering that so many were fortunate to survive is what it is all about.

From the Abbey I finally  had a chance to observe and walk the hill that I believe was the place Dad had described in a VMAIL home.  I could now really understand and sympathize even more with Dad about his long, cold, and emotional journeys from the Abbey to the Cemetery.  Christopher led us there!!!  Can you believe it!  We walked there just like Dad did.  What a distance in any type of weather, but especially in tough winter conditions, and emotionally  knowing that the men he was caring for and carrying could no longer hang on to life –and that there was no medical treatment to keep them going until the war was over.

Dad always complained about his frost bitten feet and he could put pins in parts of his legs/feet and show that there was no feeling.  His large and wide feet could not properly fit in any shoes.  After the war, he had bunions that grew to a couple of inches and to help lessen the pain we would cut holes in all of his shoes.  Dad’s complaints were not about sympathy for him – but to let us know what had happened.  He knew he was one of the fortunate ones who could return home and return with his body intact.

We had looked for the cemetery when we took Dad on the War journey back in the late 1980’s.  In fact it was the last thing we did, and then filled with anger he was ready for us to leave Siegburg.  His disappointment was so intense and he bemoaned the fact that there was no cross or anything symbolizing the sacrifices the Americans had made at where he thought the cemetery might have been.  His anger was fueled by the fact the folks at the Abbey denied that a POW Camp had been there, and the folks in the center of the City denied it also.

Thanks to Christoph and his research he was convinced that the cemetery we were walking to was the cemetery in question.  Christoph explained pointing to the map at the entrance to the cemetery the section where the Americans had been buried - and that none were there now.  He also pointed out the area where the Russians were buried and that they still remain there.  He was correct!

The discovery of the cemetery and all of the work Christoph has done is  an immeasurable gift from Christoph to my Dad and all of the men who passed through the Lazarett at Siegburg!!!

The dream eventually had to end – it got later and later and I knew Christoph would have to leave…  But the memories of it all are etched in my brain forever!  And especially the memories of what an INCREDIBLE MAN Christoph is!!!!

I can’t wait to return, and Marion it is all because of you and your efforts and dedication to all facets of the war that I found Christoph who then solved 70 year old mysteries!  Marion, you too are an INCREDIBLE LADY and how proud your Dad has to be!!!!

I am a Member of Both of Your Fan Clubs,





Jean, first off, I am so thrilled for you. What a wonderful, long overdue treasure. I could picture the whole thing and imagined how you must feel. 

I actually cried last night, as I read your post. But they were tears of joy, for I love the fact that I had a part in all this - a conduit enabling the two of you to come together. Such a thrill for me. There are insufficient words...

You story is an incredible one, one that has traveled across several decades. I'm certain you would have never pictured such a happy ending. Not only have you found answers, but made wonderful friends along the way. 

Love to both,

This is a reason for this great website's existence and what it does so well. As always the final credit goes to Marion.


Thank you Colin! 

Yes, no truer words could be spoken - it is because of Marion that so many of us have found life changing answers to issues and puzzles that have been with us, for well, our whole lifetime!!!

The Veterans who had no place to go, or their family members, came to you and you guided them and connected them to answers and others who might be able to help them!

If there was no Marion, where would so many of us be today...  Maybe the song "Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was written for Marion to sing to all of us!!! 

Marion, your drive and dedication and devotion has created so much respect from each one of us - it is as if you have cast a net over us all, and you are pulling us forward!!!

I have lots more research to do and will keep after it and never give up!  And I know Christoph will do the same!

You are a Great Leader!


A Member of Your Fan Club




What can I say in response, other than your words really touched my heart and soul. Thank you SO much. Everyone of you, mean the world to me and I'm just glad that I am able to do this. It all started with my desire to realize my dad's history - one page on a website, back in 2004! And here we are today. My research led to this, and this wonderful opportunity to spread the wealth (well knowledge IS wealth, isn't it?)

Much love to both you, and Christoph!

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Oh and I love your reference to Bridge Over Troubled Water, for Lee's nickname for me is Silver Girl, and everyone we play that song, I get tears in my eyes....