Full Version: 294th Combat Engineers
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Bill R

Photo from March 17,1945 - Third Platoon of Company C.  The picture was taken just before the building of the bridge across the Rhine River at Bad-Gadsberg.  I do not have the names of all of the people but this is what I do have:  Kneeling from left to right:  Sgt. Charles Polite, New York; Tony Alves, New Jersey; Lawrence Weber, New York; Frank Linardi, New York; Manuel Pacheco, Mass; Laird Cogley, Penn.; John Marshall, New Jersey; Norbert Lukesewski; Richard Korte, MO; Lawrence Figueirede, New York, Frank Moore, New Jersey, Sam Blum, New Jersey, Francis McGonigle, Del.; PFC. Wellander, Iowa, Howard Weaver, New Jersey, Robert Whitmore, MO.  Joseph Boyle, New Jersey, Neil Sharkey, New Jersey; Frank Schleicher, New Jersey; Casper Urbanek, Penn.; Ralph Ippolito, New York.  Standing from the left:  S/Sgt. Robert Kratzer, Ohio; Jacob Muth, New Jersey; Lt. William Abbotts, New Jersey; Frank Leonard, New Jersey; Michael DeEsposito, New Jersey; William Cuilson, Mo.; John Gazorian, New York; Charles Thomas, Iowa.  My dad (Bill Rupp) is standing sixth from the right.


Excellent. Welcome to the forum. Great photograph and so nice that you have names of most of them. I hope others will spot this and see a name of a relative. Forums are a wonderful place for people to share and for others to discover.

I have to run, as I have an appointment in a few minutes, but I look forward to talking with you.