Full Version: Hello from southern France
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Hi everybody,

I'm Matthieu, 25, and it's a big big pleasure I join this forum. I was born in a city of 40 000 lives, Gap, in south Alps mountain, liberated in august 20, 1944 by elements of second battalion of 143rd inf regiment, 36th Div Texas, 117th Cavalry reconaissance Squadron, and 93rd Armored Field artillery Battalion. I'm living now in a small town of 7000 people, named Sisteron, 45km at the bottom of Gap, liberated by the sames units.

I collect since 10 years the US items about the units who liberated my city and the southern France (3rd, 36th and 45th infantry division, 117th cav reco sqd, 93rd AFA, 2nd, 3rd and 83rd chemical mortar battalion, Engineers combat units, etc..


With this first post, I wanna say a big big thank you to all the ww2 veterans who gives theirs life to liberate my city, and in general my country, la France, and the Europe. God bless the greatest generation.

I can assure you, we never forget their sacrifice here.

Best regards



Welcome aboard, Matthieu. We are glad to have you here. My grandfather was with the 540th Combat Engineers which landed in that area during Operation Dragoon.

Welcome here to the forums Matthieu, look forward to anything you have to share with us.



Welcome Matthieu. So pleased to make your acquaintance. So glad you joined. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for taking an interest in our veterans and the history of WWII.