Full Version: Well wishes for Capt John Fallon, 36th Engineer
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Wishing healing thoughts for Capt John Fallon, a very good friend and mentor, and member of the 36th Engineers. John is going through a rough time, and it looks as though he may wind up in a nursing facility. Oh how that saddens my heart. 

In my thoughts and prayers, dear John.

With love, Marion

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Oh, no! I pray he feels better soon. What a great gentlemen.

Thanks for your thoughts, Todd. Just found out from Margi, that John has been moved to an assisted-living home. Breaks my heart, that he can no longer be independent. Of course we are still hoping and praying that he can attend, with his friends (the peeps who have been taking him to the reunions these past few years). I know John (and other vets) would want us to carry on the traditions. I'll keep you and everyone up to speed. 

These are the things that make life special!

My friend Loic Jankowiak, from southern France, wanted to do something special for John, so several of his re-enactor friends took photos of themselves holding messages for John. John was so thrilled that he forwarded the email to several of us, along with his comments about Loic's thoughtfulness. This made my morning.




My French friend heard about my problem probably from Marian.   How bad can problems be with friends like this.



-----Original Message-----
From: Loïc Jankowiak 
To: johnfallon36 
Sent: Mon, Apr 17, 2017 2:16 pm
Subject: Greetings from southern France
Dear John,


here a little email to know how you doing. I got the bad new that you health is bad but you are still on your computer. I hope you will be better in few days or weeks !


Here few pictures of our gang in Southern France who make the reenactment on the 36th Engineer. I hope you'll fell better after it !


All the best, 


















Loic says he can only see the links, so is giving me the actual photos to post. Back in a bit folks....