Full Version: Pearl Harbor 75 years
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[i tried to post yesterday, but I'm still having issues imbedding Google Photos from their Photos and Photo Archive websites. Just had to resort to uploading photos]


I had never been to Hawaii before 2015. Then I had the fortune to go there 3 times for various Marine Corps reasons. I took hundreds of pictures (thankfully, I don't have to pay for developing or film anymore!) over the three trips.



Book ends of the war



Arizona memorial at sunset, seen from Ford Island



From the Punch Bown National Pacific Cemetery



The iconic Ford Island Control Tower



The Swamp Ghost up close at the Pacific Air Museum, Ford Island



The rarely visited Utah Memorial


Here are links to my galleries:

Ford Island Historical buildings

Punch Bowl Cemetery

USS Bowfin Submarine

Pacific Air Museum

USS Missouri

USS Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma memorials


I have lots of other Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, Pacific locations, and everything else at my Google Photos site. Here is the link to the Photo Archives site that people, even without a Google Account, can access:

Thank you for posting this. I made a brief entry on FB, but unfortunately didn't have time to post on my own forum. I have been cramming to complete my book in order to publish on time for Christmas, so that's been my focus for the past few weeks.


And the next couple of photos that follow are from an earlier trip to the Pacific Air Museum on Ford Island. The tell the story of "Swamp Ghost"