Full Version: Letter from 2LT Hannah Matthews - 39th Engineers
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Of course I said yes!!



Aug 2016
My name is Hannah Matthews and I am Second Lieutenant with the 39th Brigade Engineer Battalion at Ft. Campbell. We are looking to improve our headquarters by devoting a wall to the history of the unit. We'd like to include photos of the 39th in action during both WWII and Vietnam. I came across your website in my search and have thoroughly enjoyed going through the old photos and various documents. I would like to reach out and ask for your permission to include photos from your webpage in our project.
As an aside, I'd like to thank you for creating this webpage; you've done a marvelous job of capturing these stories. If you have any questions of me or any additional information please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you!
2LT Matthews

I am very pleased to learn about this project and look forward to seeing the results .Please keep us posted .

Very cool. Glad to see an interest in history and the initiative to spread that love!

Amen to that. I was pleased to hear this too, trust me!