Full Version: 39th Engineers - Sept 2016
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The 39th Engineers - past and present - would like to extend their hospitality on


September 21-25, 2016

Comfort Inn and Suites

Plano, TX (just north of Dallas)


Call 972-881-1881 for reservations

Please ask for the 39th Engineer Battalion Reunion Block


Cost - $79.00 per night - includes "vittles" each morning



For more information call


Bill Ray - 817-239-0787 or

Gail Helser - 956-367-0999



I'm either preaching to the converted or talking out of turn!

With the current situation regarding WW2 veterans, is there no possibility for an "overall" Engineers Reunion in the future? I know John would not be pleased but once again we need to look to years to come if we intend to carry on meeting each year.

To put it bluntly the phrase is "economics of scale".



I couldn't agree more with your assessment. That was always my goal from the start. Yes, John is being stubborn and it's a shame, for he is actually turning people away and that breaks my heart. It's a tough call right now, for I want to respect his feelings, but at the same time, the exclusion of people other than the "old gang", is only hurting our goals of keeping it going and expanding our horizons.


I wanted to add a few "kids" to the roster this year, who wanted to represent their fathers, but John told me flat out, no! The thing is, I shouldn't have said anything at all, and just let those few show up. Ya, I'm a bit miffed and torn at the same time.

Oh please let me note, this conversation is not directed at the 39th. Colin and I are just talking about the 36th and having them join in with other dwindling groups in other to get the reunions going.

Note from Gail:


Our deadline has been extended to August 31st, so now is the time to call the Comfort Suites in Plano, TX at 972-881-1881 to make your reservation. Be sure to tell them you are with the 39th Engineer Bn Block. It's only $79 per night, which includes breakfast.

Then, call Gale Helser at 956-367-0999 or Bill Ray at 817-239-0787 to let us know you've made your reservation. We'll send you a reservation form to fill out so we know which events you'd like to attend.
The 2016 Reunion is almost a month away - September 21st - 25th.
You'll have a great time - we'd love to see you there.