Full Version: My YouTube account has been restricted! False accusation!
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I'm sorry, but I just have to rant about this somewhere...

Yesterday morning I received an unfriendly email asking me what right I had sharing a WWII video on my YouTube page and it said, "Did you read the copyright on this film? Do you think it is right to rip off someone else's property?"

At first I'm like, what the hell is this and who is this person. You guys know I am a stickler for details and always respect copyrights. Heck I had to deal with all this when I created my documentary and had to contact all kinds of people including Universal Studios and sign contracts.

Well I go to take a look and lo and behold, a copy of this video was sent to me by the son of a WWII engineer, who wanted me to share this on my website, quite a while back. So I wrote to him and said, hey, you gave me permission, but if you want me to take it down I will. I didn't hear anything back.

So I wrote to him again last night and no reply. I said I will be removing it today and I showed him where the link was on my site. No reply!

Well I went into my YouTube account this morning and about went ballistic, for he turned me in and now my entire account is locked down for copyright infringement. You best believe that I am pissed. So I wrote to him again today and said, why didn't you just contact me directly. I would have gladly and willingly removed your video, but now I have to deal with this.

What it also means is that every WWII video that I have linked from my website, including my documentary excerpts, are on lock-down, which means no one can access them. Arggh!! Now I have to watch some STUPID video on YouTube and take a long test on copyright procedures in order to restore my account. Just like I have time for all this. Sorry, but I am simply incensed right now.

Maybe he didn't realize it was me, but I find that hard to believe, for my YouTube account says VI Corps. Even if he made a mistake, I surely deserve some kind of apology for all this nonsense.

Thanks for listening! :armata_PDT_19::armata_PDT_19::armata_PDT_19:

:armata_PDT_23: Well, isn't this interesting? Mike Shilling was trying to help me out and found this thread, which started back in 2005. Hmmmm!




Well it paid to protest! While I have not received a personal apology yet, he did listen to my vehement calls for a retraction on YouTube. Just received this a while ago.

Hi VICorps,

Good news! hrvideo has just released their copyright claim on your YouTube video.

Video title: 253rd Engineers

This means your copyright strike has been resolved, unless hrvideo is still claiming other videos included in that strike. Check your account standing.


The YouTube Team

What a bunch of horse-hockey! People are such jerks sometimes!!

Ya, what else can I say. Thanks for jumping in, for it helps to chat about it with others. Get's it off my chest. Ya, my husband was pretty upset too, trust me.