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VI Corps HQ Itinerary - Many thanks to Ed Swanson for providing the details below. Very cool!



Hi, Marion!

This is the list of where the VI Corps went during the war and how many days spent at each place!
I believe it to be the 'official' VI Corps itinerary as my Dad was with the HQ unit of the VI Corps the entire war.
I know that at different times, he interfaced with the Combat Engineers, other division commanders, the Rangers, did reconnaissance, was a mapmaker, interpreter, etc
The handwritten notes are his and indicate the total times spent in each country or region.
191 days North Africa
335 days Italy
220 days France
40 days Germany
A lot of action there!
Not sure of how often the Combat Engineers were with the rest of the VI Corps at these locations, or out in front of it, etc, but would love to find out how that all worked!
Ed Swanson


6th Corps HQ Itinerary.pdf

Hello Ed and thank you for this post and to Marion for passing it on.

What an interesting list and was it as much a roller-coaster as it looks?

Not wishing to trivialise anything all can say to end with is, thank you to your dad for his contribution to WW2.

As a relative have you ever considered attending the 36th Combat Engineers reunion?