Full Version: The tragedy at Orlando - condolences to Mark Bando and family
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The tragedy at Orlando - condolences to Mark Bando and family



I know we all shuddered when we read and viewed the tragic events regarding the Orlando massacre this past week. So hard for us to imagine this kind of event and to put ourselves into the shoes of the victims and their families. So imagine my surprise when I read the following article this morning, upon waking, for many of you will recognize the name BANDO.


Mark Bando, famous WWII historian and author of several books, lost his son in this horrible shooting.


I met Mark for the first time, shortly after starting this forum, while attending a 101st Airborne meeting in Farmington Hills, MI. I was introduced to him by my dear friend, George Koskimaki, of 101st Airborne fame and also a very well-known author. The last time I saw Mark was a few years back, when he, George, Don Burgett, myself and several others were invited down to Fort Wayne to sign books/documentaries at one of their events.


My condolences to Mark and his family. I'm at a loss for words today, for what do you say to someone who loses a son in this manner...