Full Version: The 39th Engineers deploy - 2016
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Wishing them all the best. May God keep them safe.



Good Afternoon Brothers & Sisters,
Please see the e-mail below. The 39th is being deployed for the first time since Vietnam and we as veterans of the 39th have been invited to attend their Organizational Day on April 15, 2016 as part of their send-off. Carolyn and I are going to try and make it and it is my sincere hope that some of you whom are close to Fort Campbell will also be able to be there. I have attached the flyer I received from Battalion that explains the activities of the day and it is also mentioned in our newsletter that should be in the mail by weeks end.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan on attending at the number or e-mail listed below so I can let Battalion know a head count.
Take care and hope to see you there.
Bill Ray
39th ENG BN (CBT) Alumni Association
817-239-0787 (Cell)