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Doing research...



Are you planing any info on the 247th my late father served in the engineering group.
Steve Berry
Father Charles F Berry



Well I did find a page for the group, but there's nothing but a home page without any links. Hopefully this is going to become a viable, working site!? Looks like there is an email link in the upper right-hand corner, though.



Soldier and sailor in Parma remember World War II experiences on Memorial Day weekend


In the book (which I have), there is mention of this unit on pages 41-43. First Across the Rhine - Colonel Pergrin.


This book also mentions the unit - Last of the Horse Soldiers

Here is said page







This should get you started, will post more as time allows...





Please see this book and the following pages. We often refer to this as our engineer's bible! The Corps of Engineers: The War Against Europe







My grandfather, PFC Wendell W. Townsend, served with the 247th Combat Engineers and was in Company A. I have very little information because he passed away at the age of 47 & I was only 18 months old. 

I have everything of his that he had from WWII, which includes a couple of maps, his DD-214, a Red Cross letter informing him of his mother’s death & a company roster. 

I am currently in Germany for surgery and we are planning to drive to Jülich where the 247th completed bridge construction for crossing the Roer River.  I’ve attached a few pictures (not great quality because I had the maps framed when my dad gave them to me).