Full Version: KUDO's to Gary Sinise - the Greatest Generation - a video
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Marion—Check this out. A real well done video and hard to watch with a dry eye... Bob


This is a TERRIFIC museum. Put it on your bucket list!



The Greatest Generation….Let us never forget !

You have to be 17 to enlist in the military. While it is well known that people younger than 17 served in WWII (& other wars) I am going to use 17 as a base. The war ended in 1945 & this is 2015. That means the YOUNGEST surviving WWII veteran is 87. Keep that in mind when you watch the video. Quite a few (in my opinion) do not look their age.

Something I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Hard to watch with dry eyes.

CUDO’s to Gary Sinise!



Awesome video! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us Marion. Warms the heart to see WWII vets shown the respect they so rightfully deserve. Visiting the museum is definitely on my list and it may get checked off this year. Yes indeed, kudos to Gary Sinise and god bless him. I think it's "KUDOS" anyway, maybe spell checker is on the fritz. ;)



And yes it is kudos. I simply wasn't paying attention, since my friends spelled it thus. LOL! Thanks for catching that.

This was/is just great. I have wanted to visit the museum but after seeing this I am thinking this year. Thank you for sharing.



I just found it here and had to share it on Facebook. Incredible job Gary Sinise is doing.

I think the link is missing?

What do you mean Marion?

Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood. Thought you had found something new. LOL! I didn't realize you were referring to a link earlier in this posting. Ah, I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer!   :o :D

Haha, no problem at all :)  

Some mornings, more coffee is needed!  LOL!

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