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We have a $50.00 donation. Thank you, thank you! It's early, so hopefully we can get a few more. :clappin2:

Made my reservations today!!! I'm hoping I can take Thursday and Friday from whatever my new job will be, but I don't even know what that will be!

Looking forward to it!

Can't wait, we are all excited to see you, but especially me!!! :bluejumper:

Thanks to a very generous donation this morning, we have the funds for the band and I have closed down the Go Fund Me campaign! This donation was made in honor of JackO'Brien, 540th Combat Engineer!!!

Hoping to see a few more reservations soon. Right now we only have six rooms booked, but I know many people wait until the last minute, so I know there will be a lot more. :-)

Friendly reminder!!!!

Last day to register for the 36th/540th Reunion is Sept 5, 2016. All reservations must be made by that date. We have a certain amount of rooms set aside in our block and they must be assigned to avoid incurring a group penalty.

Okay, here's some info on our band scheduled for Friday at 5 PM. Can't wait to hear them. Think it will be a nice treat for all. They are going to do a 40's set for us. Yup, it sets the mood.

Do you have a list of what is happening each day? It looks like I won't be able to leave the Quantico area until about 1200 on Friday.

Oh that is too bad...


  • Thursday – hang out in hospitality suite, then a nice dinner out with the gang.
  • Friday – anyone can visit the USS New Jersey with us in the morning - leaving hotel at 9 am.
  • Friday late afternoon/early evening – The three piece band will be playing for everyone in the hospitality suite at 5 PM and I figure, why not just order a meal in and share it with the band too. This way we don’t have to rush back from dinner or have to wait for the band to finish, then try going out.
  • Saturday – hang out in the hospitality suite and either a casual dinner at a hotel restaurant or again, order in from another local restaurant and have a fun night.
  • Sunday – Breakfast with the gang, then Colin, Lorraine and I can head to Margi’s

I have to get in touch with my re-enactors, to see if and when they will be able to stop in to make an appearance.

Cool! Sounds fun. I'm afraid I'm going to have to miss out on Thursday :( The kids are on school.

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