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How cool to follow your career for the last several years. Great to look back, isn't it? 

Well, folks - I'm retired. Hard to believe it, really, but it has finally happened. I'm going to create a separate post on my retirement ceremony, but wanted give everyone a quick update. I haven't been around the site a whole lot lately since I've been job hunting in Texas. I had a good interview with Lockheed so hopefully that will turn into something, but I'm not counting chickens just yet. More to follow on that later.

My brick on the walk at the Marine Corps Museum. . .


The rest. . .

Your name in lights, er, well, in brick anyway. Looks great, and congrats once again. 

Update time!

So I got the job at Lockheed! I'll be working with the rocket launcher programs (MLRS and HIMARS) in Grand Prairie, Texas. Grand Prairie is in between Dallas and Fort Worth on the Dallas side. I start in May. I'll be living a little closer to Fort Worth and we are pretty close to closing on a house! Busy time at the O'Brien house right now.

More to follow!




That is very cool. Hope you will be happy as hell in your new job and of course your new soon-to-be home in Texas. But of course, that just means you are farther away from me, but I will try not to be selfish. ha! Guess these means I will just have to come on down, y'all and visit. Congrats!!!!!


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