Full Version: Frank Nast Jr - 43rd Air Police Squadron
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Frank Nast Jr - 43rd Air Police Squadron


A few years ago, my nephew stopped by with his buddy and said he had a surprise for us. He knows how we are into military history, so he bought a Korean War chest and was delighted when he saw paperwork to go with it. He gave it to us and we were so thrilled. Thanks Jacob.


Well you know how busy I can get and I finally got around to scanning in all the documents. What a cool find.


Hope we can get in touch with his family somehow.


His # was AF 16 343 335

He was born on July 19, 1930


Here's to you Frank!!!




NOTE: Files were so large, I had to break them down even further. Sorry. Hope they are all in place.

Soldier's Qaulification Card.pdf

OCt 30 1950.pdf

Clothing requests and more.pdf

Apps of Identification cards.pdf

Pages 11-15 from Misc documents 1950-1951-2.pdf

Pages 16-20 from Misc documents 1950-1951.pdf

Pages from 6-10 Misc documents 1950-1951-3.pdf

Pages from Pages 1-5 from Misc documents 1950-1951.pdf

May 9 1953.pdf

Pages 1-4 1953.pdf

Pages 5-8 1953.pdf

Pages 9-12-1953.pdf

pages 34-36 1952.pdf

Pages from pages 31-33 1952.pdf

Pages 27-30 from 1952.pdf

Pages from 22-26 1952.pdf

Pages from 17-21 1952.pdf

Pages from 13-16 1952.pdf

Pages from 9-12 1952.pdf

Pages from 4-8 1952.pdf

Pages from 1-3 1952.pdf

So in 70 years my Marine paperwork will be interesting to someone? Maybe only for the fact that it was actually printed on PAPER during the first half of my time in! The later half you would have to look at on a computer!!


Cool stuff! Can't wait to look through it.