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My Dad is Edwin N. Blasingim, First Sgt., 160th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company B. He went into and out of Europe with the 160th. I don't have a great deal of information. I have his battalion book, his accounts of the war and some pictures. I will be posting most of what I have and would love to hear from people with an interest in the 160th.


Glen Blasingim



It's great to have you here. Sorry I have been a bit remiss this week, but I am in the middle of publishing my first children's book this week, so have been totally tied up in the project. So excited.


I look forward to talking with you. Love the pic!

Hi Glen!


I don't have any knowledge of the 160th but I look forward to whatever information you can share with all of us!


Glad you joined!



Ah Glen, hope you have performed a search on the forum, for we do have several topics of discussion right here. YEAH! This should get you off to a decent start. :pdt12:

Yes, thank you Marion. I have been all over your site and there is a lot of information about our Combat Engineers. I enjoy reading all of the posts, personal accounts are especially interesting. Keeping this going must take a lot of work and it is appreciated.


Glen Blasingim

I'm looking forward to seeing what transpires between you and Wayne Nichols. So very cool!







Wayne sent his thanks for the picture of his uncle, Robert L. Nichols. The man on the dance floor with the number 2 written on the picture is his uncle but the other picture of the three men with the 160th sign was not. These pictures were taken at a first anniversary celebration of the 160th Engineer Combat Battalion. I am not positive but I believe that this celebration took place at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Notice that the picture has a stamp in the lower left corner that is an Army Signal Corps stamp. The picture has good detail and will stand some cropping to identify some of the other dancers. This picture came to my Dad by way of his friend, Oscar G. Anderson. O.G. was obviously a friend of Robert L. Nichols too. Dad received these pictures some years ago when O.G. passed away. He was a good friend of my Dad and his wife Lucille sent them to him. I am not sure about the time and place of this first anniversary celebration. I would like some input from anyone who has pictures taken at this event or knows for sure when the160th was avtivated. Can anyone identify any of the other dancers or the three men by the sign? Thanks for the support and encouragement from Marion and the other members. Hope this is interesting to someone with 160th ties.


Glen Blasingim

This picture was taken at the 160th's first anniversary also. It has a lot of the brass from the battalion, I would like to know anything that anyone knows about these guys, where or when this picture was taken. It appears that all are having a great celebration and the 160th is off to a good start.




1 Frank B. Snodgrass,1stLt.,Hdq Bowling Green, Ky

2 Louis Leaf,Lt.Col.,Hdq Chicago, Illinois

3 Archie S. Mayes,Maj.,Hdq Warrensburg, Mo

4 Robert W. Hartwick,1stLt.,Co B Pittsburg, Penn

5 Thomas L. Howard,Maj.,Hdq Boston, Mass

6 John J. Maloney,1stLt.,Hdq Old Forge, Penn












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