Full Version: Farewell Gene Galyen - 79th Inf Div
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Received this a few days ago. I had the chance to meet and be with him on several occasions at the 36th Engineer Reunions. He was such a sweet man. Loved being around him. The first photo I attached is of Gene. The next is Gene and Margi and her dad (his brother). Both are now gone. Sigh!



It saddens me to announce that my wonderful Uncle Gene passed away Sunday morning. As many of you know he has been residing at Perry Point VA hospital and spent the last couple years suffering from Alzheimer’s. His latest setback was a fall, which resulted in a broken hip.

Although he was an Infantryman with the 79th, all of you made him feel welcome at the 36th Reunions and embraced him as one of your own, thanks for your love and support. Love you all!


Rugged Hugs,







Rest in peace Sir, thank you for your service.

Condolences to the family. History will never forget what you did for your country and for the world,Gene. Thank you.

I met with and spoke to Gene at a number of reunions. He was a very gracious and helpful contact answering my research questions. To me he was the Quiet American and that is how he will remain. You will not be forgotten Gene.



So wonderful to see all these replies. It warms my saddened heart. Rest in peace, gentle soul!

Just loved this guy! He & his brother were such fun, both together & separately. He will be greatly missed & long remembered. Heaven will be a a richer place with these two reunited.


Hugs to Margy, Russ, Clay & Dylan

Rest in peace now, sir!