Full Version: 34th Infantry Reg - Attack, Attack, Attack Map
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Many thanks to Linda Wells for providing us with this great map.



Good afternoon Marion,

I have just recently begun a project researching my father’s military history. After my Mother’s recent death, I am now trusted with the family photographs which date back to the 1900’s. Many of these are wartime photos, predominantly WWII. I would like to share these and hopefully learn more about the men who fought beside my Father. So far I have ascertained that he was 345th Engineering Regiment, Red Bull, 34th Division, 2nd battalion. I may have those out of order! I have also found a photo album of my Father’s which in which he “glued” snapshots and wrote the name and hometown of the men he was with. I have located his enlistment card and have his discharge papers as well as a few other interesting items, one of which I am attaching. I have not reviewed all of your information so you may already have this map. I truly admire all of the work you have done, and hope to be able to share what I have as you have shared so much.
Best Regards,
Linda Kennedy Wells
Daughter of Edmund Kennedy


The 345th Engineers were not part of the 34th Inf Division. I am trying to ascertain if they were temporarily "attached" to the 34th for a short period of time. This was very common with engineer units. For instance my dad's unit, the 540th Engineer Regiment, were attached to various units during the war, including the 34th Infantry Division, among others.
The 345th General Service Regiment DID fight and serve in many of the same areas as the 34th in Italy, so it very well could be.
Please see posts on my site regarding the 345th:

34th Inf Attack Map.pdf

That is really cool. I wish I could get in touch with Rocky - he would really enjoy it.

You know what, I have written and I believe I have even called, but no reply from anyone. You'd think that someone would be intercepting his mail and would take the time to at least give me a two sentence reply.


He is still on my 34th Email list and when I emailed the group within the past week, it DID not bounce. So either he is alive and kicking and no one is reading his emails, or he is in a home or worse yet, no longer with us, and no one has put a stop on his mail. I dunno!