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Saw this and had to share. This is a letter from Connie French Rinker to American Airlines. It's heartbreaking. I know it will get to each of you too. I feel so bad and so sad for this WWII veteran. :tearyeyed::armata_PDT_23:



This is my post on American Airlines FB


To the CEO of American Airlines


How many flights does a 91 year old, World War 2, Hospice Veteran have to be bumped from, on stand by, in 2 days at DFW, in order to get your attention? What is the value you place on this man for missing a reactivation ceremony of the 37th Tank Battalion, at Fort Bliss, who was invited as one of the original WW2 members, and had to return to Philadelphia, because we were told he was bumped to priority military status by a manager named Kevin in terminal C, yet the gate agent said "that did not mean anything to her." She had "people who have weddings and funerals too." How many gate changes does this man have to endure between terminals to get your attention? What do I have to do to get your attention to understand that this opportunity will never come to my Dad again because he is hospice? What do I have to do to get your attention for you to know that I pleaded for help, because our luggage and oxygen was in El Paso Only one agent tried to help and you will see all of her notes about the situation on the computer, as well as the notes from my travel agent? When was the last time your employees had sensitivity training? On behalf of my Dad and the military at Fort Bliss, who shared their disappointment that my father could not attend, and every other military personnel to ever fly AMERICAN Airlines, it is your turn to be accountable for this situation as the CEO. It is hypocritical for American Airline Facebook page to show military support when I can show you ticket after ticket with no results. Furthermore, it is more than obvious that the merger is a disaster. Let me also hold you accountable as CEO for the fact that this all started on Tuesday in Philly due to mechanical failures, which included bringing the plane in from the run way twice, and having everyone get off so the system could be totally taken apart and rebuilt. I hold you accountable to put policies in place, along with quality management, to prevent these issues from happening. So I am not dealing with middle men. As CEO, you owe my father and any other military personnel a resolution to the disaster we experienced in DFW for the past 48 hours, including assurances of systems and procedures to avoid any military personnel ever encountering such a disaster in the future. As my final point, I paid $2400 for tickets and we didn't even get where we were going! As the CEO, I await your reply!




What a shame. Common sense and the willingness to go the extra the extra mile is quickly going by the wayside in this Country. It saddens me to think how little effort it would have taken to accommodate, what I consider, a Hero.



I have contacted an NBC anchorman I worked with on a story he wrote regarding letters home during the war. I sent him the link. Hope he is interested in it. I am hoping we can get him together with his WWII buddies. It's only right and only fair. These guys don't have much time left and being with the men they served with, is gold.



I am so sorry I have not had a chance to reply to so many posts that I have wanted to.


This is so egregious that I had to comment.


The piece above was wonderful Marion and it would be great if you could get it on national news. What a travesty - if only he had flown Delta. They would have probably announced the presence of Connie's Dad on the flight and given him a round of applause! And they would have gone out of their way to get him to the event!


On all of my travels on Delta for WW2 research I am typically so keyed up that I tell the gate agents and the flight crews about the purpose of my trip. They love it and some I have even had to contact after the trip to tell them the results.


This is a travesty. For so many years these men did not talk about the war and when they did, they always referred to the real Heroes being the men that did not return. The men that returned were also Heroes - they just didn't look at it like that.


This gentleman is a true Hero and I am so sad that he had to experience what he did plus miss a chance to have his service recognized by others who knew he was a Real Hero!


Connie, please tell your Dad on behalf of all of us on this site and all of the folks we all know, that we are sorry and also Thank him for his service to this Country! He is a Hero!



Could we meet your anchor-man friend in October M1?



Not sure. Can't hurt to ask him. I will put the request through. :pdt12: