Full Version: Remembering Memorial Day 2015
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Remembering and honoring all who never came home.



I know it is a little late for Memorial Day, but please remember the 6 Marines that died recently in Nepal in the UH-1Y mishap. It just goes to show that no matter what the mission, there are always risks, even when there is no one shooting at you. The crew members were from a California unit (HMLA-469) that had been sent to Okinawa for a 6 month 31st MEU deployment. After the MEU came back from deployment (and were therefore on Okinawa just waiting to go back home this summer) they were available to go to Nepal, so they went. I can't help but think of the wives and children who just thought this was going to be another 6 month MEU rotation. For them it will be for the rest of their lives. There were also 2 combat camera Marines from Okinawa on board the aircraft as well.


Finally, it would be a gross omission to not say anything of the two Nepali soldiers on board. We must not forget that those we partner with and even those we are helping are also sharing in the risk. These two men died to assist in our efforts to help their countrymen - to end the suffering of the Nepali people.


Please remember and pray for them and their families. . . .

Well said! Here's to our boys, no matter the conditions!

Capt O you said it so eloquently!


Thank you from all of us,