Full Version: NBC segments including footage regarding the 36th Engineers
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Recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Michael Gargiulo, a New York NBC anchor, who called me regarding two segments he was running on May 15 and 16, 2015. It was great seeing the engineers get the exposure they so well deserve.


Many of you will recognize the name and/or the face of Tony Stefanelli, a dear friend and member of the 36th engineers, who turns a very young 100 years of age, later this year.


The segment revolves around the letters of George Parnell, also of the 36th. I've corresponded with his daughter on several occasions, and got to meet her husband Tim, at one of the reunions.




1st segment



2nd segment


Here's a picture of Michael and Tony.




Tony is turning 100?! Holy cow!


I'll have to watch the vids at home. The networks doesn't support Youtube very well here at work.

Looking forward to October and meeting Tony again along with all my 36th friends.



Margi and I are planning a birthday party while we are there. Gonna celebrate the big 100 at the hotel.