Full Version: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me to all of you!
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I prepared a special card for all my members. Please visit the home page to hear a wonderful Christmas tune. While there, click on the Merry Christmas link to view your card.


Thanks to everyone for a really great year. Happy New Year too.





Thought everyone would enjoy these too. All the cast of characters are from the 36th Engineer Reunion! I had a blast creating these and laughed so hard.



This first one includes Colonel Heath and is the story of the Christmas Carol.



The next two are a take off on It's a Wonderful Life, with each one having a different cast.

Have fun!

Wow! That. . . is. . . FUNNY!!!!!! I guess I know what I am going to be doing tonight while on duty!!

I'd like to add my best Christmas and New Year wishes to all my friends here. I look forward to meeting up again in 2015 at the next 36th/540th reunion. We will have to go some to beat the 2014 get-together but i'm sure we can do it.

Thank you for making me a part of all this, Marion, John, Carl ,Tony, Margi, Lorraine, Jim, Capt O, Col H,and all the other great people i've met over recent years in the USA!



Todd, you could make some really good ones with all your Marine buds!


Colin, yes, it was one hell of a reunion, but we can always try to top it! Hope we can get more people involved and show 'em how to create a great bash!

Merry Christmas, My Friends From France Vee


I found actually quite a few WWII Christmas images!!


Merry (or "happy", if your prefer) Christmas!!!!!





I merged the two Christmas topics! :pdt12:

More Christmas cheer!




And more...


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