Full Version: The Hodges Bridge
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I bought this book on Ebay. Won it last night. Of course I will scan and share when it arrives. Great acquisition.




I am so happy you got the book!


I never knew it existed!


It will be exciting to hear what you think of it.


My Dad was debriefed somewhere in that Remagen area in what had been possibly a brewery. Gen. Collins told Gen. Hodges about my Dad and Guidry and their escape, and that conversation is recorded in Hodges' published diary on March 21st, 1945.



Another fascinating facet!


It's just a small pamphlet, but nonetheless a rare and great one. I had never seen one before.

I often wonder what will be a neat ebay item from the Iraq war that I just threw away. "That's a boring pamphlet!!" >toss!< But someone will find it interesting ages and ages hence (as Robert Frost Put it).

Ah, you are always such a breath of fresh air. Great point...

Okay, here's the scanned booklet. It's in excellent condition. Was printed in 1945. Looks brand new.

The Hodges Bridge Pamphlet 1945.pdf

Cool find!