Full Version: Comical 6th Corps Officer's Rest Area Map Nancy France
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Comical 6th Corps Officer's Rest Area Map Nancy France


I obtained this map on Ebay a while back. It's a hilarious map representing the VI Corps Officer's rest area in Nancy France from WWII. What a superb acquisition. Enjoy, my friends!

A great aquisition Marion - they had their priorities right !! :drinkin:



You got that straight! :pidu:

A related topic...


Hello Marion,


My name is Jerome Leclerc in Lorraine France. I work for the Department Archives and lead an association dedicated to the Memory of the WW II in our area.

Since years, I’m in touch with paula Baker, member of the 35th Infantry Association who lives in Norman (Oklahoma). Her father was killed near Nancy on September 30, 1944. I’m also in touch with Roberta Russo the webmaster of the 134th Infantry Regiment website.

One week ago, they sent me a message telling me that the daughter of PFC James Gurley KIA September 11, 1944 will come to Nancy. She wanted to see a mural painted in a Rest Center in Nancy.

Of course, we received Kathy Travis, but never found the mural. So with the help of the newspaper and all culture administration, we are still searching if the mural still exists.

Just would let you know we used the pictures of your map for these searches.

Hope it’s not a trouble for you,


Jerome Leclerc


Espace de Mémoire Lorraine 1939- 1945

12, avenue Jacques Leclerc

54330 VEZELISE - France

Port : 06 88 15 89 97

Site Web :






Bonjour Jerome:
Merci beaucoup. I loved receiving your letter. How interesting. I am so glad you wrote to me about the mural, meeting Kathy, and your celebration of the liberation of Nancy. I'm delighted that you found my map helpful in your research.
Thanks for providing a copy of the mural. I plan to share this with the readers of my website.
I look forward to talking with you.

Marion Chard
Hello Marion,

Thank you very much for your answer.

In our area the Engineers were from the 60th Engineer Combat Battalion and the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion.

I shall let you know if we will be able to find the mural.

Have a good Sunday,

Best wishes,



PS: we shall add a link to your website on our website :







Hello Marion,

I send you the article about the story I told you when I asked you to use your map of the Rest Centers in Nancy.

We added the link to your website on our website.

Once again, thank you,

Best wishes,