Full Version: Unbroken - Official Trailer
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My god a movie with a great actor (Jack O'Connell) movie trailer really makes you want to see more, I look forward to its release.

I read the book about a year ago. Heartbreaking. I had to put the book down several times, for it really got to me. One of the best I've ever read.

Yes, the book was great. Looking forward to the movie!

I went to see the film this Saturday !!
Superb film, I think, is among the best films of guerre.Puissant, a moving story, violent ... sometimes I would have wanted to give some shots to crazy Japanese.


Love the song love the film even more !!


I have yet to see it, but I still want to. I will say that it has angered some Japanese people becuase of how they are portrayed - you know - as doing exactly what they did. Sorry guys, it may come as a surprise to you as you may not have been taught this in school (which they aren't), but you were a brutal bunch of folks in WWII. All those guys that came back from POW camps as 94 pound physical wrecks didn't get that way because they fed so well and excercised too much. I guess if they did a movie about the book Flyboys and portrayed the Japanese commander as having eaten the livers of several of the flyers, they would really freak out!